Dabuka BeyondThe Dabuka Company was established in 1996 and has undergone many changes and innovations since then. From its beginning Dabuka tried to go its own way in remote areas and then systematically expanded its offers.

Ahead of its time, Dabuka was already active in eco-tourism. Although Dabuka has suffered from various international and local issues over the years, it has been able to adapt to the circumstances with new ideas and locations again and again.

Dabuka is currently more committed than ever to eco-tourism and is offering tours outside Egypt again after a long break.

We always try to find the right balance for new interesting offers, value for your money combined with eco-tourism and social commitment.

If you are missing offers or have any ideas that could fit into our company policy, please let us know. We cannot work miracles, but we are happy to help make personal dreams come true.


Under German management, it is responsible for planning and administration of the tours on site. With long experience in coordinating and guiding and leading the tours, as well as a fondness for cooking and mechanical knowledge to care for the desert vehicles.



Tarek El Mahdy

Founder and owner of DABUKA since 1996.

A German-Egyptian dentist with over 200.000 km of desert travel experience. Organizer and leader of the expeditions.







With Romance and Germanic languages and a nomad at heart, is responsible for overall coordination in Egypt.





Manages the office in Gauting. A German-Egyptian, guide and one of the most knowledgeable people in the desert.





Scientific tour guide and manager of our website. An archaeologist specializing in Sudan and Egypt, and also a computer science specialist, organizer and coordinator for Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.




Account manager, organize, direct and control the operations and he is responsible of all  logistics.





Noha Kotb

An Egyptologist at heart, holds master’s degree in cultural heritage management from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. She has joined the team as a digital marketing researcher.





Dabuka Fleet

Our fleet consists of Toyota Land Cruisers HJ 60/80 and 76, and Hilux. They are all four-doors with forward-facing seats. All our vehicles are equipped with separate reserve fuel tanks and heavy duty springs. All vehicles also carry sand mats. 

We are well equipped with maps and use GPS for navigation. Along with radio communication, we can ensure the safety of all our expeditions.

Our camping equipment includes a complete kitchen to provide for the well-being and culinary satisfaction of our guests.