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Alexandria is one of Egypt’s greatest hidden treasures, a cosmopolitan city based on the North Coast of Egypt with a Mediterranean ambiance and a legendary history.

It is the second largest city in Egypt and has a special place in the imagination by virtue of its association with Alexander the Great and Cleopatra. It was home to many Italian and Greek families that gave it a wide cultural diversity.

The city has Egypt’s largest sea port, Greco roman landmarks, old world cafes and sandy beaches.

As you can’t come to Egypt without trying Egyptian food, Alexandria invites you to delicious fish meals.

Where Cairo is steeped in tradition , Alexandria is shaped by Mediterranean values. Where Alexandria is laid-back, Cairo is bustling. Regardless of which city resonates with you, both will show you different sides of modern Egyptian life. They are both must visits!

In addition to the main attractions such as the Library or the Citadel of Quait Bay, we will take you also to experience the icing on the cake.

Our Alexandria City Tours can be put together individually and you get an all-inclusive service (some ideas below).

We offer a private accommodation if desired, special boat trips (Lake Burullus – link) and excursions in the immediate vicinity (Rosetta…link , phare… El Alamein)

Of course Alexandria can also be an attractive stopover on the way to further destinations (Siwa….link).

Find here our Alexandria Modules:

Fullday trip 29$

El Alamein 95$

Alexandria - Cairo 130$

Alexandria - Historic tour 35$

Wadi Natrun 85$

Rosetta 85$

Alexandria by Night - Horse Carriage 55$

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