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Wadi el Gemal National Park – One of Egypt’s most spectacular parks

Wadi El Gemal is south of Marsa Allam, with many diverse ecological habitats and a rich variety of animals, such as dorca gazelles, Nubian ibexes, wild donkeys, camels and gazelles.

It stretches over 500 square kilometers and acts as a channel to transfer water from mountains towards the coastline to support the area’s vibrant ecosystem.

Wadi El Gemal Natural Park has a sufficient historical background due to prehistoric rock art and Ptolemaic and Roman ruins situated on its site. It conjoins a lot of historical sites that date back to ancient Egypt, like the Roman settlement of Seket – a temple dedicated to the god Isis and biggest settlement in the region. In Seket there were living also the Emerald quarry workers. Our track will combine Seket and another roman village – Nougros, situated on the other side of the mountain.

Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.

(Pliny the Elder or Gaius Plinius Secundus (23 AD – 79 AD)

What to expect?

  • Pick-up at your hotel around 7 am and drive with 4x4 cars to the  Protected National Park
  • 35 km after the entrance first stop at Um Kabbo, a small accumulation of roman houses.
  • After another 20 km drive we reach Seket, a place of worship where 2 temples were built.This area provided also emeralds that were used throughout the ancient world and was the exclusive source of the gem for the Roman Empire.
  • Lunch will be served– carefully prepared by our staff. You enjoy grilled chicken, green salad, fresh fruits and the special bread of the Ababda, baked under the ashes of the campfire. The local coffee, Gabbana, is also a must after the meal.
  • We will start our 5 – km - hike between Seket and Nougros, crossing a mountain and offering wide views across the Wadi.
  • After the hike our 4x4-cars are waiting already for tired backpackers, bringing you back first to the entrance of the park, than back to your hotel for dinner.

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