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 “Don’t listen to what they say, go see” – Chinese Proverb


Egypt is still and always worth a trip. We invite you to understand the millennia-old history of the country as well as to experience unique landscapes, friendly people and a special liveliness.

Day 1: Transfer from Airport to Hotel

When you arrive, you'll be picked up from Cairo International Airport, then check in to the Hotel.

Welcome by our guide, who explains the program for the next few days and, of course, is happy to answer any questions.

Overnight hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 2:- Pyramids & Sphinx

Today, you'll explore the last remaining wonder of the ancient world; standing for nearly 4,000 years, the extraordinary Giza Pyramids. An Egyptologist tour guide will be accompanying with a lot of informations.

Overnight hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 3:- First class train to Aswan

3* Hotel in Aswan (Breakfast included)


Day 4:- Aswan Sightseeing (High Dam and Philae Temple)

There is much to discover in and around Aswan but rest assured, you'll be taken to the best and most worthwhile attractions and historic sites. You'll explore sites of cultural heritage from the time of the Pharaohs, such as the Temple of Philae and the Noble tombs on the west bank of the Nile.

3* Hotel in Aswan (Breakfast included)


Day 5:- Abu Simbel

5* Nile cruise Aswan

Today, you will explore the magnificent temples in the Abu Simbel site. The temples were saved from the rising waters of Lake Nasser, growing behind the Aswan Dam, in a massive archaeological rescue plan sponsored by UNESCO in the 1960s.

Overnight Nile cruise (Full Board)


Day 6:- Kom Ombo and Edfu

5* Nile cruise Aswan

The Temple of Edfu was buried under centuries of sand and silt until the nineteenth century, when French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette rediscovered the site. The complex is one of the most well-preserved sites in Egypt today; its architecture is very much intact, and the building contains a wealth of legible inscriptions on its walls. It is dedicated to the falcon god, Horus.

Kom Ombo Temple is one of the oldest and important temples in Egypt its built for Sobek the crocodile god and Haroeris god.

Our boat trip will provide the chance to visit both of them.

Overnight Nile cruise (Full Board)


Day 7:- Karnak and Luxor Temple

Luxor Sightseeing (East Bank )

Visit the age-old Temples of Karnak and Luxor Temple on the Nile's East Bank. You'll admire its columns, courts and statues. Karnak was a cult temple dedicated to Amun, Mut und Khonsu. It is the largest religious building ever constructed. Although the mud-brick houses and palaces of Thebes have disappeared, its stone temples have survived. The most beautiful of these is the temple of Luxor. Largely built by the New Kingdom pharaohs Amenhotep III (1390–1352 BC) and Ramses II (1279–1213 BC), this temple is a strikingly graceful monument in the heart of the modern town. 

3* Luxor Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 8: Valley of Kings and Hatshepsut Temple

Luxor Sightseeing (West Bank)

Today, you'll be up early to visit Valley of the Kings, this divine place was once called the Great Necropolis of Millions of Years of Pharaoh, or the Place of Truth, and it has 63 magnificent royal tombs. It is the burial site of almost all of the pharaohs from the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties.

3* Luxor Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 9: First class train to Cairo

3* Cairo Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 10: Museum & Khan El Khalili

No Egypt vacation is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. With over 120,000 artifacts, the museum houses an unbelievable exhibit depicting ancient Egypt's prime. Mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewelry and, of course, King Tutankhamen's treasures - it's all there. Khan el-Khalili is a famous bazaar and souq in the historic center of Cairo, Egypt. Established as a center of trade in the Mamluk era and named for one of its several historic caravanserais, the bazaar district has since become one of Cairo's main attractions for tourists and Egyptians alike.

3* Cairo Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 11: Transfer to Fayoum (4x4 cars)

Heading to Fayoum. Wadi Al-Hitan is world-famous for its hundreds of incredibly well-preserved whale fossils and provides extensive evidence for one of the great mysteries on earth: whales were once a land-based animal and merged into an ocean-going mammal.

Desert Camping (Full Board)


Day 12: Wadi El Rayan - Tunis

Walk some of the most beautiful trails in Egpyt, enjoy the fresh air, and explore exotic Wadi El Rayan. Then visit serene Tunis Village, located on a hill facing a saltwater lake. In our days it is famous for it’s pottery. Horse-riding at the lake is also an additional possibility of having fun.

 Transfer back to Cairo

3* Cairo Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 13: Coptic Cairo

Today, you'll begin your journey on the right bank of the Nile opposite to the Island of Roda where the Coptic quarter, is located. The historical area is home to a beautiful collection of Churches, Mosque and Synagogue all in close proximity.

Afterwards we relax on a Felucca Ride on the Nile.

3* Cairo Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 14: Museum of Civilization

 As a new home for the mummies and many other old treasures, it is particularly worthwhile to go there with our guide, who knows a lot about how to explain.

3* Cairo Hotel (Breakfast included)


Day 15:

Transfer from Hotel to Airport  

Program like mentioned above


Nile Cruise

Local Guide

Single room: Extra charge on request

Archeological Entry fees

National Park entry fees.

Meals not mentioned above.

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