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Hiking is one of the greatest things you can do for your physical and mental health.

Wadi El Gemal National Park is a stunning place to see and a must-visit spot in Egypt. The natural scenes are captivating, and you will be missing out on a whole lot if you don’t give this park a visit

Wadi al Gemal (“Valley of the Camels“ in Arabic) is one of the largest valleys in the region between the Nile and the Red Sea. This region is distinguished by its very special environments, which are home to a great variety of flora and fauna like dorca gazelles, nubian ibexes, wild donkeys and camels. Nevertheless – in our days it is still very little known.

It stretches over 500 square kilometers and acts as a channel to transfer water from mountains towards the coastline to support the area’s vibrant ecosystem.

Wadi El Gemal Natural Park has a sufficient historical background due to prehistoric rock art and Ptolemaic and Roman ruins situated on its site. It conjoins a lot of historical sites that date back to ancient Egypt, like the Roman settlement of Seket – a temple dedicated to the god Isis and biggest settlement in the region. In Seket there were living also the Emerald quarry workers.

Get started for your hiking adventure:

You need a sleeping bag, a torch, wet wipes, a warm sweater at night, sun-protection, good shoes, maybe your own pillow if needed. You don’t need to be a sportsman, our hikes are doable for everybody who likes nature. Every day will follow more or less the same rhythm – after a night under the stars you explore the area mostly on foot but with our cars as back-up if needed. Our guide will explain flora, fauna and historical details. Our crew will prepare 3 meals a day.

We provide all camping equipment (tents, mattresses, kitchen, 4×4 cars, drivers, cooks, guides). Every night our crew will build up a kitchen and provide you with a warm meal including special bread and coffee “Ababda-Style“.

The Ababda bedouins are the original inhabitants of the territory. They greatly respect their natural environment and their ancient tribal law prohibits them from damaging or felling live trees. Learn more about their live and culture while crossing their territory.

You just have to relax and enjoy stars and peace.


On Day 1 we pick you up at the airport – transfer and check-inn at the hotel

On Day 2 we pick you up at your hotel at 7 am and will drive to the entrance of the National park

  • After 6 Km jeep drive from the entrance we reach a small info-center called Bayt El Ababda, built to preserve the cultural heritage of a Bedouin tribe called Ababda. They still live as shepherds, camel breeders, fishermen and guides in Wadi El Gemal and preserve their ancient traditons and customs.
  • And now its time to walk! Either you start hiking immediatly or you continue another 2 kms in our jeeps till everybody has to get out into pure nature. The park boasts some of the richest flora in the Arabian Desert, over 140 species of plants and bushes that characterize its diverse ecosystems: the coastal belt, the mouth of the Wadi, the coastal plain and the large valleys.
  • The vegetation in the Wadi differs quite a lot and is characterized by the large quantity of acacia and desert date trees.
  • Get your track off the beaten path and enjoy untouched special nature.
  • Meeting-point after the hike will be a place called Khab al Khawara.
  • On our way back we will have a small stop at Abu El Dabbaafor a last photoshooting before we will have a rest at our camp site for tonight.

Good morning on Day 3

  • After breakfast we are off to a very special explorating hike of around 16km,crescent-shaped in between the Wadi. Discover with us hidden tracks beside the main-route, forgotten since a long time, used in ancient times to reach different abandoned quarries
  • Finally we reach the roman ruins of Abu Kabu, before we arrive at our overnight stay.

Day 4: We have a 5 km hike

  • We get to Seket, a place of worship where 2 temples were built.This area provided also emeralds that were used throughout the ancient world and was the exclusive source of the gem for the Roman Empire.
  • We will start our 5 – km - hike between Seket and Nougros, crossing a mountain and offering wide views across the Wadi.
  • After the hike our 4x4-cars are waiting already for tired backpackers, bringing you to your campsite.

 Day 5:  offers a hike of 5 km.

  • Our team will lead you through the hike to reach the Ancient Roman Ghost City of
  • Walk through the ruins and travel back in time to visualize as well as learn about the lifestyle of Roman engineers and labor in the mining industry.
  • Finally we enjoy another possibility to sleep in touch with nature.

On Day 6: We are following the “Blue bird“  to the canyon and waterfall of Satout.

Nearly halfway we have a stopover at the roman ruins of Appollonia.

  • From Wadi Sartout we will start up to hike through the canyon to the base of the waterfall of Sartout. A lake is waiting at the bottom of the canyon. As animals are as thirsty as human beings we might come across their way as they are looking for water.
  • As the area of Wadi el Gemal is one of the driest places on earth, sometimes it takes some 14 years time between 2 rains, so the lakes could be differently filled depending on the last rain in that area.

On Day 7: we offer a special part of our 7 days Wadi El Gemal Track – the Big Foot Trail (climbing Mount Hamata).

 One of the natural beauties at the park is the Hamata Mountain (1978 m),the second highest mountain in the Eastern Desert, also holding a diverse collection of life. We got to the foot of Mount Hamata by car.

  • Once arrived there is just a limited time frame to reach not the top of Hamata Mountain, but a certain height. You may have a view to the Red Sea, depending on reaching the view-point in time. The hike is doable with normal fitness – no need to be very experienced in climbing!
  • Meanwhile our staff has prepared a delicious lunch with grilled chicken, green salad, fresh fruits and freshly baked bread in Ababda Style. And afterwards the local coffee, Gabbana, will boost your energy again.
  • In the afternoon we are heading for a last outdoor experience.
  • Your personal adventure will be sealed -  we are heading back to your hotel.

On Day 8: After 1 night there you may either have your airport transfer to go back to you home country – or you have an extension on-site to enjoy beach and hotel facilities.

If we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet. (proverb)

-All camping equipment (tents, mattresses, kitchen, 4×4 cars, drivers, cooks, guides)

-Three meals per day

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