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Trip details:

  • Pick-up at the Airport of Marsa Alam and transfer to your hotel – Lahmy Azur Resort. Located directly on a private beach it is a spacious compound with 2 pool-areas , open buffet for breakfast and lunch and a nice bedouin tent to enjoy your tea or coffee after dinner under the stars.
  • Start you holidays with 2 relaxing days. Close by there is Kite village – a possibility for kite surfing – and maybe you feel also like booking a half-day trip to the sudanese Border City of Shalatin with camel- and huge spice market.
  • On day 4 our cars will bring you to Assuan, where you check in into an Ecolodge Nubian style. Your afternoon will be free to enjoy Aswan's market and wander the Corniche on the banks of the Nile. Maybe you also feel like visiting the Unfinished Obelisk or the Nubian Museum.
  • Up from the next day, we intend to cruise for 5 days on Lake Nasser – not with one of those luxury cruisers, but on a smaller boat, better to navigate beside the main stream.
  • We will have each day 1 hour hike and are ready to visit the attractions of the  Nubian Temples (Kalabsha temple, Sobou temple ,Amara temple, Ibrahim palace) and – of course – Abu Simbel). Most meals are on board.
  • Lake Nasser is a vast reservoir in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. It is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world.
  • The contrast between this enormous body of water and the remote desert stretching away on all sides makes Lake Nasser a place of beauty, a vast space of total tranquillity and peace.
  • On day 9 you touch down in Assuan again to enjoy once more a night in our eco-lodge, before heading back to Marsa Alam.  Rejoice again in Lahmy Azur Resort – maybe you go for a massage now? Or you join a Quad trip to Fata Morgana.
  • Day 12: Pick-up and airport transfer to Marsa Alam Airport

Marsa Alam – Aswan – Lake Nasser

Your exploration of south Egypt will begin at the luxury Lahmy Azur Resort – the ultimate destination for beach and water activities, cultural sightseeing and close contact with nature.

You'll have some time to relax whilst also combing some culturally-rich activities including a visit to the city of Shalateen home to a famous camel market and exploring the rock art in the Obelix Valley.

Along with these iconic attractions, you'll also witness a legendary sunset at Qalaan Beach and immerse into the Nubian culture in Aswan visiting the pharaonic temples crowned by Abu Simbel and the mighty Aswan High Dam - a huge architectural project built to cope with the annual flooding of the River Nile on-board of Lake Nasser luxury boat.

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  1. :

    I am a desert lover – but never expected, that also a unique combination of beach and desert will create the ultimate travel experience.

    By the way – I love the food in Lahmy Azur Resort and the sun set for dinner.

    Will definitely come back

    Dorothee, Germany

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