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Wadi El Gemal – Explorer hike

” Veggie“ means “healthy“   Maybe. But “Veggie Hike“ means healthy and beautiful also for meat-lovers!

The vegetation in this wadi differs a lot and is often used for medical reasons.You take the resin of the Acacie Tree for example to cure gastric hyperacidity and eye infections. The fruit of the desert date has antidiabetic and anthelmintic prosperties.

Make yourself more creativeand join the 2nd day of our 7 days hike in Wadi El Gemal. This is a very special exploring hike of around 16km, crescent-shaped in between the Wadi. Discover with us hidden tracks beside the main-route, forgotten since a long time.

What to expect ?

  • An interesting drive of 35 km with our 4x4 cars into the Wadi
  • We will stop at a place known as Wadi    to start our hike
  • The 16 km hike will follow some forgotten tracks used in ancient times to reach different abandoned quarries
  • Finally we reach the roman ruins of Abu Kabu, before heading back again another 35 km to the entrance.

Find maybe another feature of the flora at Wadi El Gemal – the „toothbrush-tree“,growing along the course of the Wadi. Its branches contain  a powerful antiseptic for the throat and are used by the Bedouins to clean their teeth.

Get Vitamin-D- boosting sunlight, fresh air and the tranquillity of nature. There’s plenty of evidence that hiking can actively improve our overall mental health!

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